Vietnamese Restaurant Almost Ready

by Andy Campbell, Bellingham Herald

What is happening?

Work is being completed on the new Soy House Vietnamese Cooking restaurant.

Where is it?

414 W. Bakerview Road, Suite 112, in Bakerview Square.

Who is doing the work?

By The Bay Construction is the general contractor.

Scheduled completion date?

Feb. 15.

What is noteworthy about the project?

Tony Nguyen, owner of the 1,500-square-foot restaurant, said he plans to offer a variety of traditional food made from organic ingredients. The restaurant has a unique layout, featuring an eating bar, special interior lighting and an oven from Bellingham-based Wood Stone.

This article appeared in print in the Bellingham Herald February 8, 2008.
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Manna Music on the Move

by Dave Gallagher, Bellingham Herald

Manna Music, which has been selling instruments locally for 24 years, will move out of downtown and into Bakerview Square later this year.

Jamie Miller, president of the company, said he expects to move into the new location in July. The new spot will have 4,000 square feet of space and 10 studios, which will allow the business to expand its lessons program.

“The teaching part of the business has grown to the point that we are limited to what we can do here (at 703 W. Holly St.),” Miller said. “The place we are moving to is a well-designed space to offer more lessons.”

The company also has been selling a variety of instruments, including guitars, keyboards and sound equipment. They also do guitar repair work.

Miller said selling instruments has leveled off in recent years because of online and other competition, but he plans to add product lines at the new location.

This article appeared in print in the Bellingham Herald May 12, 2008.
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More News at Bakerview Square

The Bellingham Business Journal

PartEZon to open at Bakerview Square

PartEZon, a one-stop event-planning store, recently signed a lease for Suite 106 in Bakerview Square.

Owners Todd Toner and Ernest Schimpeler will offer services such as balloon delivery, tables and chair rentals, catering, floral designing, and even blow-up bouncy houses.

Toner said he expects the business to open Jan. 2, 2008, after improvements to the 2,100-square-foot space are completed. It’s an ideal location for one-stop shopping, Toner said.

Before relocating to Bellingham, Toner managed a plant nursery in California and Schimpeler owned a chiropractic clinic.

New restaurant to open on Bakerview

Soy House, a traditional Vietnamese restaurant, is currently under construction at 414 W. Bakerview Rd., Suite 112.

Owner Tony Nguyen said the construction is underway on the 1,500-square-foot space and he plans to have the restaurant open by February. The menu will include organic ingredients and several traditional Vietnamese items, such as a noodle and meat soup called pho.

Previously, Nguyen was the general manager for Sbarro in the Bellis Fair mall. He recently completed his bachelor’s degree in finance. For more information, call 224-0281.

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Needlework proves to be good therapy

November , 2007

Needlework proves to be good therapy
Store more than business for couple

There are plenty of reasons why people open a business. For Jeaninne Kahan, it was a way to improve the quality of life for her husband.

In 1990, Kahan opened J&J’s Needle Art in Bellingham for her husband, Joseph, who had suffered a debilitating stroke years earlier. She had tried to help her husband recover through physical therapy and other methods, but eventually got to a point where she had to make some career decisions.

“Both of us had been civil engineers, but I didn’t want him to stay home while I went back to the office,” she said. “This (needle art) had been a hobby of mine, so I thought if I could start a business I would be able to bring him here or have some time flexibility.”

It turned out to be a business and emotional success for the Kahans. They’ve been in business 17 years and are now moving into a new space in Bakerview Square. They plan to have a reopening sometime this week.

As for Joseph Kahan, he continues to improve and has become a crucial member of the business. Over the years he’s learned to use his left hand to create drawings for customers to use for needlework art, as well as help with the bookkeeping. He’s also recovered some of his verbal skills.

“This business has really worked out for the best for both of us,” Jeaninne Kahan said. “It’s given us something to do, and it’s been great for me to be around him. It’s been a positive to see how much he’s been able to improve over the years.”

The Kahans decided to move into Bakerview Square for the increased traffic exposure and easier access for customers. They had been in the Costco shopping center for more than 10 years.

The company provides knitting, needlework supplies and classes. For more information, call 676-9090.

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Soon. It Will Be Party Time!

by Dave Gallagher, Bellingham Herald

Parties are a big deal, so Todd Toner and Ernest Schimpeler were surprised an area this size didn’t have a party supply store.

That will change in January, when they expect to open Part EZon at Bakerview Square. The 2,500-square-foot space will be a retail store that will also offer services to pull off a successful celebration, Toner said.

“We want it to be a one-stop shop for anyone throwing a party, whether it’s for a small birthday or a large company party,” Toner said. “People can walk in and buy items or talk to us about organizing the event. We haven’t seen a store around here just for parties, right now you have to go into big stores to find products.”

This article appeared in print in the Bellingham Herald November 12, 2007.
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