Soon. It Will Be Party Time!

by Dave Gallagher, Bellingham Herald

Parties are a big deal, so Todd Toner and Ernest Schimpeler were surprised an area this size didn’t have a party supply store.

That will change in January, when they expect to open Part EZon at Bakerview Square. The 2,500-square-foot space will be a retail store that will also offer services to pull off a successful celebration, Toner said.

“We want it to be a one-stop shop for anyone throwing a party, whether it’s for a small birthday or a large company party,” Toner said. “People can walk in and buy items or talk to us about organizing the event. We haven’t seen a store around here just for parties, right now you have to go into big stores to find products.”

This article appeared in print in the Bellingham Herald November 12, 2007.
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